Episode 36 – Review Show – Phoenix Rising and New Aeldari Rules

The Psychic Awakening has… woken up? Dan and Steve crack open the new Phoenix Rising book, the first in the Psychic Awakening campaign series.

This book is absolutely rammed full of content for Craftworlds, Drukhari and Ynnari. If you’re not a pointy-eared fan, then you’ll probably want to know about all the new rules that Aeldari of all types are about to bring to bear against you on the tabletop.

There’s even stuff in here to make Aeldari Flyers even better. That’s not even a joke.

We also discuss the new Adepta Sororitas battle box, why internet trolls can get in the sea and Dan’s progress on his Sons of Medusa!


00:00 – Intro and News – Warhammer Community Preview Hype

18:59 – #TaleofManyPainters Hobby Update

23:30 – Blood of the Phoenix Boxed Set Discussion

31:13 – Phoenix Rising Book Review and New Aeldari Rules

  • 35:11 – Exarch Powers
  • 40:11 – Runes of Fortune Psychic Table
  • 47:05 – Craftworld Attributes
  • 51:50 – Drukhari Obsessions

1:07:19 – Listener Mail

1:13:03 – The End!


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