Episode 35 – Review Show – Warcry vs Kill Team

Is Warcry just Kill Team in Age of Sigmar? No! Apparently not. But also yes. Kind of.

Join Dan and Steve as they compare the new skirmish boxed game from Games Workshop set in the Age of Sigmar universe to Kill Team and discuss some of the unique game mechanics. 

We should point out that since recording this episode Games Workshop have confirmed that not only is the Core Set a limited run item, but also that the faction cards will be available in an upcoming book. Great news! So if your local store has a copy of the Core Set and you’re keen to get involved in some Warcry, then we say SNAP IT UP! More details here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/09/30/warcry-the-future-of-the-eightpoints/

You’ll notice that we also refer to the Space Marine Codex review episode that “hasn’t been released yet”, but we decided to release that first! Which is why we speak about our previous episode, as if it hadn’t been recorded!

We also refer to this excellent site about building your Warcry terrain:


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