Episode 34 – Review Show – Codex Space Marines and Iron Hands Supplement

The Astartes are back and are better than ever! Join Dan and Steve as they talk through Combat Doctrines, Chapter Tactics and so much more in this bumper Review Show coming in at just shy of two hours!

With four Codex Supplements in the bag already and no sign of the relentless release pace of GW letting up, we thought it best to get


00:00 – Show introduction and lore discussion

24:28 – Angels of Death rules overview, including Combat Doctrines

39:44 – First Founding Chapter Tactics

50:35 – Successor Chapter Tactics

57:39 – Warlord Traits

1:05:19 – Litanies of Battle and how to create a Slaplin

1:11:17 – Codex Supplements (Iron Hands)

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