Episode 31 – Hobby Show – 40k Psychic Awakening vs AoS Malign Sorcery

Dan and Steve delve into one of the more esoteric sneak peaks from the recent batch of GW previews, talking about what they’d like to see from “Psychic Awakening” as well as comparing the recent Vigilus campaign books with two recent Age of Sigmar publications; Malign Sorcery and Forbidden Power.

Not only that but obviously we need to address the fact that there’s a whole bunch of new Space Marine kits out now! What an extravaganza. Stay tuned for an upcoming episode where we review the new Codex, but we wanted to give it the time it deserved, hence why we’re talking about something else for now.

We ask which Space Marine characters need the Primaris treatment? Steve questions how stealthy a large Space Marine mech can really be. Dan receives orders from none other than Phil Kelly himself, telling him to forge ahead with his #TaleofManyPainters project!

All this and more in Episode 31 of Ashes of the Imperium!


00:00 – Space Marine new releases discussions

22:55 – #TaleofManyPainters Project Plans

44:25 – What is Psychic Awakening? Malign Sorcery, Forbidden Power and Imperial Armour comparisons

1:16:38 – The End

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