Episode 3 – 8th Edition Rules Overview

Welcome to the Ashes of the Imperium!

In Episode 3 of the Ashes of the Imperium podcast Dan is joined by a very special guest, Lawrence from the Tabletop Tactics YouTube channel!

Lawrence joins Dan to discuss the rules of 8th edition, with a focus on how it differs from 7th. We describe what’s changed as we go through, so hopefully it’ll be interesting listening for both veterans and new players alike.

Is this the best edition of 40k ever? Listen to find out what we think, and play some games to decide for yourself!

A note on the sound quality. Sadly due to some logistical issues (not recording in the place I usually do!) I didn’t record this with my pop filter. As such the audio was plagued with a “plosives”, which is when the P or B sound makes a little pop noise on the microphone. With a bit of post-processing, I have managed to cut out the worst of it, but in doing so my audio goes quiet at moments here and there to cut out the “pop”. I thought that would be preferable to the alternative, but apologies if it affects your listening experience. I’ll remember my pop filter next time!

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Episode 3 – 8th Edition Rules Overview 

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