What Is Ashes Of The Imperium?

Ashes of the Imperium is a podcast all about Warhammer 40K.

Hosted by Dan Mitchell, Steve Foote and Ben Curry, and part of the Bad Dice Podcast family, the podcast is a journey into the exciting times of 8th edition 40k, including other related games such as Kill Team, Necromunda and even Adeptus Titanicus.

The podcast fully embraces all three ways to play; Matched Play, Narrative Play and Open Play.  We are getting in at the start of this new edition and have a mix of 40k Veterans and totally new players to the game systems well as having a mixture of Matched Play and Narrative players.

What we have in common is a love for gaming and an unbound excitement for what is to come for Warhammer 40k.

Who are ashes of the imperium?

Meet the gamers behind the mics.

Dan Mitchell

Favourite Army: Tyranids

The eternal hobby butterfly. Whilst Dan’s true love will always be Tyranids, he just can’t helped but be distracted by amazing models and cool new rules. A big fan of heavy skewed but awesomely themed army ideas, such as a Space Marine army comprising only Bikes and Dreadnoughts in 5th, an almost-all-Genestealer army from 6th and his “everything has to have a jump pack” Blood Angels list from 7th edition. During 8th edition he has been concentrating on his Sons of Medusa Primaris army, but is always on the look-out for the next project…

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Steve Foote

Favourite Army: Adepta Sororitas

Steve is a narrative gaming guru and can often be found poring over pages and pages of lore, planning whole armies off one small snippet of background. A fan of mad conversions, characterfully-themed armies and forging a narrative, Steve also hosts Realms at War, the UK’s biggest and best narrative gaming event for Age of Sigmar.

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Ben Curry

Favourite Army: Adeptus Astartes

Ben is relatively new to 40k, but brings a brand new perspective to the established lore and a whole host of prior tournament expertise from Age of Sigmar and WHFB. Ben also runs Blood and Glory, an annual gaming convention in Derby, UK which hosts hundreds of gamers across 40k, 30k, AoS and so much more.

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